KXD-Y-600 Home Air Purifier Air Sterilizer Mobile Household Disinfectant Machine Air Cleaner With Timing Function 600m3/h 220V
KXD-Y-600 Home Air Purifier Air Sterilizer Mobile Household Disinfectant Machine Air Cleaner With Timing Function 600m3/h 220V

Air Purifier and Dehumidifier with HEPA filter for home or work, protects against covid 19 and all other known airbourne viruses

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Product Details
Product Details

3-in-1 comfort device for air humidification, air purification and odor elimination – with HEPA filter to protect against viruses, bacteria and allergens in the room air

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Additional health protection through improved indoor air quality

Humidified and purified air is pure life energy and an additional protective shield against airborne diseases! Up to 50,000 particles such as fine dust and pollen, but also bacteria or aerosol particles contaminated with influenza (flu) and SARS-CoV-2 viruses (Covid-19) float in one cubic centimeter of air. And because we inhale around 8,000 liters of air every day – around 80% of it indoors – the air washer AW 20 S offers increased protection against these pathogens in the air.

Protects against viruses, increases well-being and prevents allergy symptoms

The air washer AW 20 S optimizes the air quality with an air output of 228 m³ / h, adjustable with 3 ventilation levels, in rooms up to 55 m² or 138 m³ directly several times. In contrast to conventional air purifiers, which allow the already dry heating air to dry out during the colder months of the year, the AW 20 S simultaneously cleans and humidifies the air in a hygienically perfect manner. Particles contained in the sucked-in air are bound with a film of water and washed off in the 9-liter water tank using a rotating humidifier disc. The three-stage high-performance filter technology with two high-quality HEPA filters (97.97% degree of separation) also frees the air from tiny suspended particles, viruses, bacteria, pollen, mite excrement, fungal spores and dusts up to a particle size of 0.3 µm . The multi-level air hygiene is rounded off by plasma ionization to eliminate unpleasant tobacco, food or animal odours.

Breathe deeply and deeply – without pollutants, viruses and allergens in the air

The combined air washing with double HEPA filtration removes almost all irritants from the room air that can cause allergic reactions such as swelling of the airways, burning eyes or a runny nose in allergy sufferers, children with sensitive airways and in households with animals. The air humidification associated with air washing also reduces the risk of airborne virus transmission, the body’s natural defenses are strengthened and well-being increases.

Best indoor air quality for the “quality time” together

With the air washer AW 20 S you are ideally equipped to keep the pollution of the room air at a constant healthy level of well-being in order to protect the family, employees, customers or guests. An intelligent combination sensor measures the most important room air parameters fully automatically and independently controls the necessary air purification or humidification intensity in automatic mode. The integrated and easy-to-clean water tank with continuous level measurement has a capacity of 9 liters and is sufficient for humidifying operation for up to 24 hours. The cleaning of the humidifier disks can also be done conveniently and easily in the dishwasher. Nine operating modes, a blower that can be regulated in three stages, and other comfort functions enable room air improvement that is tailored to individual needs.

Anything that makes the air better for a healthier life

Just like individual well-being, indoor air quality also depends on various factors. Therefore, the air humidification function, the particularly effective HEPA air purification and the odour removal function can be switched on and off with the air washer AW 20 S as required. Just as the personal environment and the time of year require it.

3-stage air purification and odour elimination

A multi-level, interlocking air cleaning system removes viruses, bacteria, pollen, mite excrement, fungal spores, dust and other suspended matter from the room air.

  • Cleaning level 1: The pre-filter removes coarse particles from the room air.
  • Cleaning level 2: The HEPA filter (97.97% separation efficiency) and the air wash in the water bath separate particles up to a size of 0.3 µm from the air.
  • Cleaning level 3: The plasma ionizer eliminates airborne pollutants and unpleasant odours.

Air humidification with optional HEPA air purification

The air humidification operating mode with an output of 750 ml / h can be selected with or without HEPA air cleaning. In addition, the air cleaning function can also be set separately without humidification. The room air is humidified according to the natural principle of cold evaporation without filter mats. In contrast to ultrasonic or steam humidifiers, the evaporation process cannot produce white spots (limescale deposits) or wet spots in the room. Over humidification of the air is also excluded. The comfort display in the control panel shows the current room humidity in the range from 20 to 60%. When the comfort zone is reached (50% relative humidity), the device automatically switches off the humidification.

Comfortable automatic mode

Is the best good enough for your health? Then let the sensor-controlled automatic mode take control of the air quality. An intelligent sensor continuously measures the air quality and humidity and regulates them to the best possible range without your intervention. A 3-stage light signal provides information about the current air quality at any time.

Relaxing night mode

A restful night’s sleep is ensured: In night mode, the AW 20 S does its job extra quietly, reliably removing pollutants from the room air and at the same time keeping it at an ideal moisture level thanks to the natural principle of self-regulating cold evaporation, so that the skin, nose and eyes do not dry out stay protected and you can enjoy your restful sleep.

Tip: SecoSan stick for hygienically perfect water quality

The optionally available SecoSan stick ensures hygienically perfect water quality in the water tank for up to 6 months. An optical change display in the control panel informs fully automatically as soon as the stick needs to be replaced. The SecoSan Stick 10 “Made in Germany” prevents germs, algae, mould and bacteria from multiplying in all water containers with a volume of up to 10 liters.

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Clean air is the fuel of a healthy body. The air washer AW 20 S ensures hygienically clean and unpolluted room air in both private and professional environments.

The triple active principle of air washing: cleaning, humidification, odour neutralization

The combination of three air purification processes and a multi-stage filtering through pre-filter and HEPA filter make the air washer AW 20 S the undisputed leader in its device class.

1. Purification process: air washing according to the principle of nature

The polluted room air is naturally washed clean in the first cleaning cycle – without any chemical additives. To do this, the device sucks in the room air contaminated with particles and pollutants, guides it through a pre-filter to a rotating humidifier disk, where the polluted air is moistened with a film of water. Impurities such as pollen or dust stick to the damp pane and are washed off in the water bath by the cleaning power of natural tap water. A positive side effect of this natural air washing is the automatic humidification of the room air. The interplay of air washing and air humidification noticeably improves the room climate and well-being.

2. Purification process: Double HEPA filtering

By using two HEPA filters directly, airborne viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould spores, pollen, dust and other pollutants up to 0.3 µm in size are removed from the room air with a degree of separation of 97.97%.

3. Cleaning process: plasma ionization

With the plasma ionization, which can be activated if required, a further cleaning process starts according to the natural principle of nature. Similar to a “cleaning thunderstorm”, both positive ions (hydrogen) and negative ions (oxygen) are generated and blown into the room with the air that has been cleaned and humidified by the HEPA filter. The bioactive concentration of the ions directly in the room air, to form so-called cluster ions, causes water to be withdrawn when they come into contact with pollutants in the room air. This eliminates pollutants and odors in the room air.

Optimally humidified room air protects against viruses and pathogenic germs

Scientific studies prove the double protective effect of optimally regulated indoor air quality in infection prevention. Viruses that cause illness, such as the influenza or SARS-CoV-2 virus, are released with breathing and when speaking via so-called aerosols and if there is insufficient ventilation they can float in the room for up to several hours. Invisible, but still highly infectious.

Airborne viruses are inactivated within seconds at an optimal humidity between 40 – 60% percent

The infectivity of virus-laden aerosols depends crucially on the prevailing humidity. Aerosols shrink in excessively dry room air, float longer in the room air due to their low weight – and are inhaled unnoticed. Optimally humidified air, on the other hand, changes the salt concentration of the aerosol particles, so that the pathogens contained therein become harmless immediately after coming into contact with the air.

Optimally moistened mucous membranes are the best and most natural protection against infection against pathogenic germs in the air

The body is not exposed to the dangers of viruses and bacteria without protection. It has the body’s own defense mechanisms to protect itself from pathogens in the air. The mucous membranes of the mouth, nose and throat of our respiratory tract are a central component of our body’s own immune system and, when optimally humidified, ensure highly effective protection against pathogens in the air. On the other hand, room air that is too dry removes the necessary water from the mucus layer, so that the previously protective mucus layer becomes hard and infectious pathogens can penetrate the body almost unhindered.

Raising the room air humidity to around 50% minimizes the risk of infection from airborne pathogens, i.e. multiple times in private and professional environments.

Advantages for practice:

  • 3-in-1 combination device: humidifier, HEPA air purifier and odour eliminator (plasma ionization)
  • Keeps the room air optimally humidified and reliably cleans it of viruses, bacteria, house dust, pollen, mold spores, mite residues, animal hair and odours
  • HEPA filter with 97.97% separation efficiency can be activated
  • Can be used all year round for air purification thanks to the air humidification function that can be switched on and off separately
  • Natural principle of cold evaporation without filter mats – no limescale deposits and wet spots as with ultrasonic and steam humidifiers
  • Sensor-controlled automatic operation – an intelligent sensor measures the air quality and humidity for automatic control
  • 3-stage color signal in the display shows the current indoor air quality
  • Display of the relative humidity in the control panel
  • 9 operating modes – air humidification, air purification and odour elimination, also combined or individually switchable
  • 3 fan speeds – up to 228 m³ / h air output
  • Up to 750 ml / h evaporation capacity
  • Large 9 liter water reservoir for long, maintenance-free use
  • Whisper-quiet night mode
  • Water level indicator, warning signal and automatic shutdown when the water tank is empty
  • Can be used with tap water
  • Easy to clean, e.g. B. in the dishwasher
  • Display when the optionally available SecoSan stick in the water tank needs to be replaced3 day Delivery

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